"James and Jen are outstanding: Persuasive without being pushy. Consistent and professional. Even though we were heading into the holidays, they never lost hope, and sure enough we sold in early December in a very soft market. On top of that, when our first offer fell through, they found a 2nd offer within weeks and even 5% HIGHER than our initial price! Team Benvenuto is fantastic"
- M. Flory - Seattle
"My wife and I have been property owners in Aspen for 15 years. During that time frame we have consistently looked for opportunities to upgrade our home. We have worked with several realtors and ultimately decided to hire Team Benvenuto to sell our home and find us a home or lot that we would love. We met James at an open house of a property that they had listed. We chose James and Jen because they seemed warm, down to earth and knowledgeable about the local market. They were always available to handle calls, show us properties and forward research that we found to be very helpful. No questions or requests seemed too large or trivial. James and Jen helped us find a fabulous lot and introduced us to a great architect and several choices of builders. He listed our home, arranged for professional staging and excellent photography. Within 3 days of listing, we had two offers at full asking price. I can’t thank James and Jen enough for their professionalism, tireless work ethic and pleasant disposition"
- B Bachmann, D.P.M, J.D. - Houston
"We went to an open house and met James and Jen. They gave us a great tour. While that home didn’t work, we quickly developed a quick rapport with them. Both James and Jen are good listeners. They focused on our needs, pointed us in the right direction and found us the perfect home. Jame is an excellent negotiator. He knows the market and the players in the community, he knew what comps had sold for and when. They were always available and helped us getting set up after closing and well after."
- M. Karns - Dallas
"I cannot recommend Team Benvenuto enough if you want broker representation in Aspen. In a couple of days, they showed us 5 or 6 places that could potentially fit our needs, and we were in contract a few hours later. They are extremely professional and knowledgeable about the Aspen market, and very friendly. The very small issues that developed between contract and closing, were handled smoothly, always giving us confidence that we were in good hands."
- M. Levy - LA and NYC